6 Oct 2015

The condition of armenian monuments in Turkey

Such cross-stones may be found everywhere throughout the territory of Turkey (Western Armenia) —in Hromcla (photo 1973); in the western facade of the church called Karmirvank (Red Monastery), situated in the village of the same name, Kars District (photo 2005); in the monastery of Khandzta, Ardvin District (photo 1976), as well as on the doors of the mother church of Kars—no longer existing now—at present kept in a museum in Kars City (photo 2000), Tigran Honents Church of Ani; in the church of Sherzu Village, Akn District; in Khachavank, Gharavank (nowadays: Tashburun) Village, Kaghzvan District; in the church of Aprank Village, Derjan District (photos 2007 to 2008) and in many other places.


Source www.raa.am

Cultural genocide of armenian heritage in Turkey

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