27 Sep 2015

Armenian decorative and cross stone art

Armenian decorative and cross stones (Khachkar | խաչքար) art by sculptor Arsen Panosyan.

Big wooden plate David of Sasoun

A khachkar, also known as an Armenian cross-stone (pronounced xačʿ "cross" + kʿar "stone") is a carved, memorial stele bearing a cross, and often with additional motifs such as rosettes, interlaces, and botanical motifs. Khachkars are characteristic of Medieval Christian Armenian art.

Khachkars, their symbolism and craftsmanship are inscribed in the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Memorial complex of cross-stones (khachkars) "Christian Armenia" | Argel, Kotayk Province of Armenia | Photo by German Avagyan

The Khachkar is dedicated to the victims of Armenian Genocide (1915) was installed in Braunschweig (Germany) in 1970.

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